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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  February 12, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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we are learning more today about the young man shot and killed by san jose police. his family telling us they believe he wanted the officers to kill him. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> i'm scott mcgrew. san jose police opened fire on the man who was allegedly armed with a knife. >> it happened last night on sherman street where near highway 87 and interstate 280 intersect. his family identifies him as philip watkins. police say he threatened them with a knife, but his family believed he wanted a confrontation with officers. >> bob redell spoke with the suspect's family today. >> good morning.
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police say that 911 call came into them yesterday, that a man with a knife was trying to break into that house on sherman, but the people who live in that home say that person was not an intruder. he was family. they let him in. they say he was upset, suicidal, and he was the one who called 911. philip watkins' mother believes her son was so distraught, he wanted to die at the hands of police. fay buchanan was not sure what her future son-in-law was thupging when he called 911 does does know he wasn't in a good place. >> he didn't feel like things were going right in his life and he didn't know if he wanted to live. >> buchanan said she called the suicide hotline. they promised her police would send out an intervention team but instead, at least two officers with a gang suppression unit showed up after 5:00 last night. watkins started to walk towards them.
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>> they shot him. and they said, i didn't see anything in his hand until after they shot him. >> the subject had a knife and charged at the officers. they did order him to drop the knife. he did not, so they fired, striking him alt least one time. >> buchanan said she begged officers not to shoot. by her estimate though not confirmed by police whatcon was shot nine times. >> they could have tased him. they didn't have to shoot him. he didn't deserve to die that way. he was not a gang member. he was none of those things. >> philip watkins was engaged to be married, had attended college where he briefly played football and was working at a walmart to help take care of his 3-year-old daughter. >> he was on his way to go back to school. think about becoming a policeman. how ironic right? >> philip watkins' mother told us through tears she did not
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have a clue that her son was suicidal, that she would have helped if she could have. as far as the police are concerned, the two officers involved in the shooting last night, both are on paid administrative leave. they have seven to eight years of experience with the department, and being on leave is normal in a situation like this. reporting line in san jose, bob redell. >> unfortunate all around. thanks, bob. >> caltranrunning again after a fatality in the south bay. train 217 struck and killed a man on the tracks in san jose around 6:40 this morning. they said their investigation showed the man stood in front of the train intentionally. no one on the train was hurt. >> health officials are trying to track down b.a.r.t. rider whose came in contact with a commuter infected with measles. stephonfphanie chuang retraces the steps. >> the concern is that measles is a highly contagious virus. most people get vaccinated
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which proves to be 95% to 99% effective as far as immunity is concerned, which means there's a good chance the person who got infected in this case was not vaccinated. they traveled from the b.a.r.t. station and got off on the montgomery street station and walked just a couple fec to work at the building that houses linkedin employees in san francisco. they posted this notice on the window, noefing people that one employee contracted measles and worked in the office february 4th through the 6th or wednesday through friday but as officials have identified and will contact the people who were closest to this person. once airborne measles can linger in a confined space for an hour after the infected person leaves. people in the office and people in b.a.r.t. last week are told to check their vaccination status and check with their doctors. >> they left from lafayette and traveled on the same b.a.r.t. train i was probably on at the
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same exact time of the morning. so it's just scary. >> i'm vaccinated so i'm not concerned. about contracting measles. >> it becomes airborne so if i had measles, anybody who's in this room even an hour after we leave, could become infected. >> the person also ate at e & o restaurant and bar wednesday night. all employees working that night had been vaccinated, no risk and the doors could stay open. symptoms for measles can take some time to appear so it can be several more days until we learn if anyone else contracted measles as a result of this latest exposure. in san francisco, stephanie chuang. >> so far, 15 confirms cases of measles in the bay area. alameda county has the most with six, followed by san mateo and santa clara. if you're properly vaccinated you have nothing to worry about. you can't get it and can't carry it to smnl at home like your
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children, even if they're too young to have been vaccinated yet. >> san francisco's coroner confirmed what police suspected that the human remains found in a suitcase last month belonged to a former room made of the man considered the prime suspect, the prime suspect no longer alive. the family of 58-year-old omar shu juan released this statement saying we're devastated at the loss of our dear son and brother. he had a kind and caring heart. we love him and miss him so much. the coroner has not yet determined how he died. police arrested his former roommate who was found with the suitcase in surveillance video, but after his arrest andrus was released for lack of evidence. then this weekend, he died from drug related causes. >> new at 11:00, a san jose bank robbery suspect is locked away and now facing a string of criminal charges. police arrested this man, william kaufman, for allegedly robbing the u.s. bank branch inside a safeway store on
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hamilton avenue last month, but as officers investigated, they realized kaufman also hit two 7-eleven stores on the same day. investigators are looking into whether the san jose man may have robbed other businesses in the area as well. if he looks familiar san jose police want you to call them. >> palo alto police are looking for a man who groped a man inside a macy's bathroom. the man in the surveillance video peeked over the urinal partition and then grabbed his rear end yesterday thib macy's in stanford shopping center. investigators believe the same man could be linked to a case where someone took a picture of a woman in a rest room at cubberley community center. new details in a bizarre hit and run investigation. police say this man is a person of interest in last week's deadly crash in milpitas. a car collided with a garbage truck. the driver of the truck kept going. officers found the car two blocks away on fire and the body of a 14-year-old girl just
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outside that car. he is the registered owner of that car and investigators want to talk to him. >> a california woman is recovering in the hospital this morning after spending three nights stranded on a cliffside. she was driving along high way 1 on saturday when she lost control of her pickup truck and ended hundreds of feet off the road. she suffered broken ribs, cuts and bruises. you can see some of them. after three days lopez finally got the strength and courage to climb through her windshield and then she started climbing up. >> the adrenaline of just knowing i couldn't get back down if i stopped. and just kept going forward and forward and forward, little by little. i know people have gone down and never -- not made it so i says if i made it there's a reason why i did, and i have to keep fighting. >> she will continue fighting, and she will be released from the hospital likely tomorrow. >> police in north carolina are
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investigating the motive in the murders of three students in chapel hill. they're trying to figure out if the killings were triggered by hate because the students were muslim or simply a dispute over parking spaces. mark potter has more. >> at the university of north carolina an emotional vigil wednesday night. a huge crowd of mourners remembering the three young lives cut short. the victims were all muslims raised in america, a 23-year-old university of north carolina dental student, his new wife a 21-year-old, also planning on dental school. and her 19-year-old sister an architecture student. >> they're in the highest levels of paradise for sure. gr the shootings occurred tuesday in a chapel hill condo complex. >> we heard about eight shots go off. >> a 46-year-old craig steven hix, turned himself in to police and was charged with first
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degree murder. >> his father devastated insist insists the killings were religiously motivated. >> we're hoping to get justice here, but any way you look at it it's just -- it's just a hate crime. >> but police and the suspect's wife say the murders were sparked by a dispute over parking space at the condo. >> i can't say with my absolute belief that this incident had nothing to do with religion or victims' faith. >> mark potter reporting. tonight's vigil will be held in santa clara and san jose to honor the three students. >> president obama joins with lawmakers to cast a spotlight on the issue of suicide among veterans. he signed a new bill created a three-year pilot program to help recruit psychiatrists to the veterans administration. it also includes a new website providing mental health services and a new rule requiring that suicide prevention programs be
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evaluated annually by a third party. after that president obama will head to the bay area this evening, but in like his previous visits he has a new game plan. air force one is scheduled to land around 5:30 tonight and tomorrow he will host a summit on cybersecurity at stanford. he's the first sitting president in four years to make an official address to the university. the president leaves town on saturday morning. >> well up next at 11:00, the secret service best known for their silence, forced to answer questions in washington. >> and three tickets matching those winning lotto numbers. how much those poor winners will have to split. >> at least we're all getting paid in sunshine. and we're going to have some beautiful weather. gorgeous out there. there's sunol, mostly clear. going to warm you up through valentine's day, and you can enjoy that warm weather. we got a positive outlook when it comes to drought monitor. we'll go over all that and more in just moments.
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have you heard of the new dialing procedure for for the 415 and 628 area codes? no what is it? starting february 21, 2015 if you have a 415 or 628 number you'll need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number for all calls. okay, but what if i have a 415 number, and i'm calling a 415 number? you'll still need to dial... 1 plus the area code plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! from colombian prostitutes to the fence jumper the secret service has had its share of
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scandal, and now the agency is under intense scrutiny today. members of the agency faced the government reform committee on capitol hill. members answering questions on how they can strengthen the service and improve the mission. they say morale is low and more agents are necessary. >> i will tell you when i hear about low morale and the secret service, i think thought ought to be a shame because they're very lucky to have their jobs and the high pay they get. >> members of the secret service also testified that the agency more training but they can't get the training because they're too busy working their shifts. >> 2014 could go down as the year of the hacker unless 2015 proves to be even worse. according to a new study from global digital security firm more than 1 billion records were breached last year. it's also a jump of just under 78% from 2013 when 575 million records were breached. the report concludes it's not the question if your network
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will be breached. the question is when. scott. >> well turning to the market. the dow industryial is trading even this morning. this a san francisco genetics company in its first day of tradeing trading, up about 8% this morning. billions of dollars of goods with nowhere to go. the san francisco ports are closed for business. tesla reported losses last night as well. you can see the trucks that are just not running. there will be at least four days of no movement on the ports. this after the contracts between the longshoremen and the shipping industry has fallen through. teslas aren't moving. we're talking about that as well. the head of tesla saying the tesla model 3 would not be as exciting as later versions. elon musk said this last night in a conference call. something the first adopters would not want to hear. musk dismissed poor sales in china as quote, irrelevant.
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let's talk about zynga, a company we don't talk about much, but the san francisco based company will be reporting its profits after the closing bell today. we'll watch that. expedia is buying orb ts. we continue to see consolidation here. they bought travelocity about a month ago and owns hotwire and just out of curiosity, i ran through a couple travel sites, including expedia and orbits came up with the same rate no matter. all of these companies are combining and we're seeing less competition, but they're all kind of churning out the same prices anyway. >> you know i thought i noticed that, too. >> yeah. >> the powerball numbers are out, and your lottery hopes and dreams may be dashed. three lucky tickets have matched the numbers on the largest jackpot in powerball history. we're shown where. >> the lines were long and excitement high leading up to
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last night's drawing. at stake the third largest jackpot ever. more than $564 million. >> for your winning powerball number? 19. >> three tickets, three winning tickets. matched those numbers. one sold in north carolina another in puerto rico. the first winning ticket ever purchased outside the continental u.s. the third came from this food mark in texas. the owner will likely receive right around a million dollars for selling it. >> that's okay but i have the opportunity to help out a country, something, at least. to make it last long. >> as for the three ticketholders, they have yet to come forward. when they do, they can receive their riches in an annuity or a lump payout. $380 million split three ways before taxes, $380 million reasons to get their affairs in
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order before stepping forward to claim their prize. >> well someone in san leandro did match five of those six numbers. that ticket worth only $1.4 million. it was sold at the pop top market on east 14th street. hopefully -- >> so four three, two matter at all? >> it does but really not that much. >> i'll go check. clearly, i didn't win the big one. >> sticky fingers. >> let's check your weather this morning with christina. >> i think it matters with you burn through the first three, right? where's my million? congratulations to everyone who won. we are all winning when it comes to some improvement in the drought monitor. gorgeous winter weather and if you're someone who likes to get out to local beaches before we hit our tourism season you might want to get out there this weekend. let me update you on the drought monitor. santa cruz mountains, some improvement. we have gone from extreme to
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moderate. good news. also saw improvement in san francisco, san mateo county and in the north bay, we need a lot more rain to dig out of the drought, but it's nice to tell the story of an improvement drought monitor for once. 63 in the south bay, 63 on the peninsula right now, and 64 out in the tri-valley. you're at 70 degrees later on today in san francisco, and yeah, i was talking about not a lot of people out there. take a look at the golden gate bridge, just a few spectators out there as we get into the spring and summer months the golden gate bridge crowded on the perimeter there. a lot of people like to come out here and enjoy the beautiful weather, but we're going to get really gorgeous winter temperatures franceinls take you to pacifica 71 friday. a lot of people do like to take three-day weekend. i wish i was one of those people. maybe as we get into the next couple weeks. we're going to hold on to the temperatures for now but they will be changing. 73 half moon bay. wind out of the north 5 to 10 miles per hour and it's the kind of wind moving offshore so
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it's going to hollow out the barrel of the waves and create large surf. santa cruz at 75 degrees for tomorrow. do have to tell you, warning for beachgoers because of the big waves out there, you want to make sure that you're aware of this. we have dangerous rip currents. this is for surfers out there, anyone who goes into the water, temperatures chilly in the 50s. sneaker waves also possible. as you're walking along the sand warm sand have your sunscreen on you're ready to go, you might see some of the big waves come out of nowhere. keep that in meantime never turn your back to the ocean. we're talking about peak warmth on valentine's day. the record in gilroy is 80 degrees. i'm forecasting 81. i think we'll hit a record in san jose. two degrees above the average, which is 77. forecasting 79 on valentine's day. and you know what? we have five weeks of winter left. i like to keep you always thinking forward. march 8th is when we'll spring forward and kick off spring equinox, on the 20th.
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if you haven't made the plans yet, we'll tell you what's free free-99, we like that price. especially if you didn't win the lottery or spent a lot on tickets, a lot of good things happening. that's coming up in the next report. now back to you. >> very good. thank you. >> up next at 11:00 before you scoop fido's kibble we have some recall information you want to hear. >> and spring in the air, as christina said which is wi a bay area hardware store is hiring. where you can apply, coming up next.
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well, we have two important recalls to tell you about, the first involving fire extinguishers. they're pulling 4.6 million fire extinguishers from stores in the u.s. and canada. this is an example of one of them, but there are several models. the company received 11 reports of the extinguishers not working when the handle was squeezed. >> and new terrifica's chicken and chickpea dog food could be contaminated can salmonella. if you have them in your home throw them out in a securely covered trash bin and call nutrisca. >> that little kiss will likely cost you more this valentine's day, the chocolate covered kind. the price of cocoa beans jumped because of growing demand and poor growing conditions in west africa. most of the major chocolate
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producers have raised prices as much as 8% in the past year. hasn't stopped us a bit. >> happening today, orchard supply hardware is holding a job fair to hire workers. it runs from 10:00 this morning until 7:00 this evening. it covers stores on the peninsula, including millbrae redwood city and foster city. what they're looking for, cashiers lawn and garden associates associates, and stockers. >> netflix says a computer bug is to blame for the accidental release of house of cards. the third season was not supposed to come out until later this month. the new episodes were up for about five minutes before being taken down. >> i don't know. were tray trying to create buzz? >> everything in washington -- >> that's true. up next at 11:00, brazen burglaryies plaguing one of the nicest neighborhoods in the south bay. now what police are promising
11:26 am
the residents. >> a starving sea pup rescued from san francisco's streets. >> and marijuana in the classroom. how a group of south bay students are helping shape the future of legal pot in california.
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well the almudin valley has one of san jose's nicest neighborhoods for decades. >> a surge in home burglaries has plagued the area. reports that police and the mayor are developing -- >> i appreciate very much there's a lot of frustration. sam lucardo in the hot seat at a task community meeting. hundreds of people fed up with home burglaries want to know what's being done to stop them. >> we want our community back. >> victims like madeleine say having your home broken into is unsettling. >> such an invasion of your privacy. and to me i've got two
11:29 am
grandkids and i walk down the hall and i said how could they have done that? >> san jose police say burglaries are a problem in south san jose. they say in november there were 57. 56 in december and 82 last month. >> so mad at 11:00 in the morning. >> the majority of the break-ins are during the day. police say they have made 106 burglary arrests in the district in the last eight months. arrests that tell city leaders gangs are driving this problem. >> that very high percentage of those arrests have been of 14 to 17-year-olds. who have been gang affiliated. >> the department and the mayor told a skeptical crowd help is coming. four true aenls abatement officers will be funded to take those off the street. police can quickly find video cameras that might catch key evidence, and the mayor says he wants to give officers a raise.
11:30 am
>> we intend to renegotiate. we intend to negotiate issues like disability which are causing officers to want to leave. >> victims say it's a good start. >> love them. they're here to protect us. they deserve the money they're getting. they deserve more. >> nbc bay area news. >> the mayor says he's hoping to get the negotiations together as soon as possible. police also say that the truancy rules might start to help right away. the conversation is just beginning, and there is another meeting that is planned, though not scheduled. >> the antioch teenager accused of raping a pizza delivery driver was already on probation for another crime. prosecutors say darrion miles jr. committed sunday's attack while wearing an ankle monitor. the 17-year-old appeared in court yesterday to answer charges of rape sodomy kidnapping, robbery, and terrorist threats. his bail has been set at more than $6 million.
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if convicted on all counts he could spend the rest of his life in prison. >> it's a controversial idea who should decide how you can end your life if you're terminally ill? end of life legislation already on the table in california and yesterday, a lawsuit was filed in san francisco court. the issue was brought to the forefront when brittany maynard moved to oregon to take her own life. michelle roberts spoke to britney's husband. >> it was a tough decision. >> dan is the widower of britney maynard. she moves to oregon where she died on her own terms, surrounded by family. >> she thought it was unfair ridiculous, that we have to move to another state in order for her to pass away without suffer suffering. in order for her to pass away peacefully. >> christy white also wants the option to die peacefully at
11:32 am
home. she was diagnosed with leukemia seven years ago. >> i want to gather my friends, my loved ones and meet my death with dignity here in california. knowing that i will not have to suffer needlessly. >> she and three other people living with cancer filed a lawsuit in san francisco superior court. they argue california's current law that makes it a felony to aid in a suicide shouldn't apply to terminally ill patients but opponents argue it will harm more people than it helps. >> if an insurer denies or delay delays the life sustaining treatment, the patient is steered towards -- >> marilyn golden with the disability rights education fund said they're likely to abuse, financial pressures and depression. >> some people's lives will be lost without their consent through mistakes and abuse.
11:33 am
>> michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> the aid and dying bill was introduced to the state last month. in the last 25 years, four similar bills have been defeated. >> some south bay residents are causing a stink, trying to keep a nearby landfill from getting bigger. some 200 residents protested at a planning commission meeting last night. they say they're upset over the proposal to expand the landfill. some residents even filed a lawsuit calling the landfill a health risk. the commission put off making a decision until may. a sea lion is recovering today after crossing a busy street in san francisco. the pup is one of more than 100 other sick sea lion pups in sauce aledo. mark matthews has more on what is a troubling trend. >> he's just a year old, and it's a minor miracle that he has mades it this far. he is being measured checked for infections and parasites.
11:34 am
>> there we go. good job. >> and for the first time in days he's getting something to eat. even if it is forced through a tube. >> so we take herring and grind it up mag it into a thick milk shake. >> he was picked up here near lake merced. a park ranger called the marine mammal center. he's one of 100 sea lion pups who have arrived here in the center in the past 11 days. that is ten times the number that usually show up this time of year. >> for some reason the moms have abandoned them. they've given up on them and put mostly because they're not finding enough food close enough to take care of their pups. >> as the head of the center's veterinary science center explains the food chain is broken. there are not enough fish and the scientists here aren't yet clear on what's causing it. >> the sea lions are telling us there's something wrong. >> and for the marine mammal center itself the onslaught of
11:35 am
sea lion pups is creating a crisis. the center relies on private funding and there was no provision in the budget for the extra food and medicine needed because this was not supposed to happen. >> we'll make it through this year, but we need as much help as we can get. >> now that was mark matthews reporting. the center wants to caution everyone, if you see a sea lion do not try to rescue the animal yourself. instead, call the marine mammal center. we have a link to their website. >> another round of goo sicken sea birds will be returned to the bay. teams have rescued more than 300 bird last month, all coated in a mysterious substance. at least 200 have died. volunteered from the international bird rescue center will release the birds back to the bay this morning. experts have not determined the source of the goo, but no new cases have been discovered since last month. >> gearing up to be legal eagles of pot, preparing a vote to legalize marijuana that could be
11:36 am
on the ballot next year. think of it as pot 101 for a south bay professor and his law students. it's where pot shots can operate. >> marijuana shops have rolled out in colorado and washington. legal grows now peppered throughout those states. oregon and alaska just passed recreactional pot laws as well and next year california could do the same. >> it's a really hot topic all around the country. >> that possibility brought the 13 santa clara law stutesdents the the classroom. >> if this industry takes off, it could be a big thing down the road. >> they're diving into marijuana, specifically legal issues around it. >> we have to talk about -- >> they discuss what other states are doing right and wrong and what questions colorado and washington still have as they sell thousands of joints, buds and edibles. >> this is a really new field. and there isn't a lot of information out there. >> some of the questions california would have to answer,
11:37 am
how driving under the influence will be measured. how would marijuana sellers be regulated, and should employee drug testing rules be changed. >> i don't think i can answer very menany of those. >> the professor serves on the lieutenant governor's commission on marijuana law and policy. she said the students' work could shape future marijuana regulations in california. >> the work is going to have an effect on policy propose in 2016. >> it's one of the few law classes focusesing on marijuana. and they hope next year california will be prepared whether voters decide to puff or pass. >> there isn't just one way of regulating recreational cannabis, so we want to figure out what are the best ways. >> ian cole nbc bay area news. >> up next at 11 cloox, peace
11:38 am
talks appear to pay off. >> and a flight diverted over macadamia nuts. you night not believe the punishment handed down to the person responsibility for it all. >> bay area weather, the envy of the entire nation. temperatures in the 70s, looking at ocean beach. crystal clear all the way up the coast to point reyes, hard to find a cloud in the sky, and we're just going to keep on warming up into your valentine's day weekend. we'll tell you what's going on for the singles and cuppingouples out there when we come right back.
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♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪ food is love. at monsanto, we believe everyone deserves a healthy, balanced meal. and a future that sustains us all. it's time for a bigger discussion about food. be part of the conversation at
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was reached at ukrainian peace talks, but many are skeptical it will stop the fighting in the east that has killed hundreds of people in recent weeks. we have the latest. >> after 16 hours of negotiations that were called extremely difficult, there is a deal, and there are doubts about it. the deal has seen highly unlikely and the negotiations were extremely uncomfortable with borashiancoe facing vladimir putin for the first time in six months. angela merkel and francois hollande making up the quartet. there will be a cease-fire from sunday morning. heavy weapons will be pulled out of eastern ukraine in two weeks and there is a commitm, no more than that for all foreign troops to be withdrawn.
11:42 am
however, germany is warning this morning that this is not a comprehensive solution. this is certainly not a breakthrough. and there is a lot of work still to be done. there are unresolved issues. for example, how exactly is ukraine to get control again of its international borders by the end of the year? who will monitor this cease' fire and will prisoners be exchanged in a fair way? also, the cease-fire doesn't begin for another three days. there are three days of opportunities for shelling and killing as the two sides work out their positions. so there is a deal that many people thought would not be possible. the big question this morning is, will it stick? back toyou. >> korean air executive is going to prison for forcing a flight to change its route because of nuts. the court said they violated aviation law through ordering the flight attendant off a flight making them return to the jfc airport in new york.
11:43 am
she was upset she was offered macadamia nuts in a bag instead of on a dish. >> new york police are craiging a crash that killed bob simon. simon killed in the car crash in new york last night. he was a passenger in the towncar that was reports now say was traveling erratically. he became well known for his war coverage starting with vietnam in the '70s. simon is survived by a wife and daughter. he was 73 years old. >> a massive fire ripped through pierce brosnan's malibu mansion. 50 firefighters were able to keep most of the damage to the garage only. the actor was home at the time but wasn't hurt. no word on a cause. >> senate is on track to confirm president obama's pick to run the pentagon. ashton carter earned the support of the senate's top republican mitch mcconnell. the senate majority leader said he would back the nomination. carter was the second ranking official from 2011 to 2013.
11:44 am
if confirmed he would replace chuck hagel, making carter the fourth defense secretary in six years. >> the 2016 democratic national convention will be held in philadelphia. the convention will be held the week of july 25th next year. democrats are also considering or were considering brooklyn and columbus ohio but the party announced today it chose the city of brotherly love for its history. this is the 16th republican national convention will be held a week before democrats' in cleveland. >> let's check your unbelievably warm weather with christina loren. >> good morning, and wait until i show you a live picture of santa cruz. nobody out there. nobody out there right now. and temperatures in santa cruz today will be in the 70s. taking a live look here in san jose. a little hazy. happy to report we're not sparing the air. we had a re-enforcing shot of clear air courtesy of the showers over the weekend.
11:45 am
61 in the south bay. 63 on the peninsula. these are your current temperatures. up to the mid 70s just about everywhere for today, except for san francisco. you're going to hit 70. santa cruz, i can count three surfers and then a guy over there, not doing much, but take a look at this empty beach. completely empty out there. and as you know, this is wintertime, so it's our off-peak season. the surfers are really going to get spoiled this weekend. talking about 6 to 8 foot waves saturday and sunday in santa cruz. you'll be up to 77 degrees on valentine's day, and 79 degrees on sunday. maybe you just want to stay local, stay where you live maybe make dinner for your loved one. we're going to be in the upper 70s. you can open up the windows in the home give the heater a break. temperatures lovely across the board. at 80 in the tri-valley, 75 in the east shore, and 79 in the south bay. all things in perspective, room temperature, 72 so not much warmer than room temperature into the weekend. lake tahoe still doing okay as
11:46 am
well. we picked up pretty good snow pack. temps in the 50s up there all weekend long. make sure you bring your jacket. if you want to hit the slopes i can tell you they have a 3.5 foot base, alpine, so you're doing okay. you have to get to the upper mountains. russian river valley looks good. upper 70s all weekend long. wine country is going to be spectacular, and the central coast, oh, my goodness warmest temperature, 82 on saturday. big sur looking lovely. so, as promised let's talk about some of the events happening. epic beach sand art class. maybe you and your loved one want to learn how to design some of those beautiful sand sculptures absolutely free. 12:00 on saturday. 72 degrees out there, really warm conditions. and for the singles out there, san francisco holds a pillow fight every valentine's day justin herman plaza, 65 degrees at 6:00 p.m. they advise you bring a soft pillow, but hey, wouldn't you love to run into an
11:47 am
ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend in your case scott, at an event like that? maybe not. i don't want to run into any of mine, actually. 75 on sunday and as we get into monday, 73 degrees. and this backed by popular demand, a lot of facebook requests, where can i go see the tulips? tulip mania kicks off early this year. 9:00 a.m. 57 degrees. a free daily tour at 10:00 a.m. on valentine's day. and yeah you can tip toe through the tulips with someone you love or meet someone new to love out there on saturday. so we're looking pretty good. i can't wait to hit the beach right now. sand jacket. back to you guys. >> all right. >> have fun. >> up next at 11:00, a milestone for a local winery region. while livermore is celebrating the end of a dark time in history.
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starting today, a san francisco school is putting itself in a time out. a tech time out for the next three days students will voluntarily shut off their electronic devices. the school is the first in the bay area and only the third in the entire state to take part in the national movement called the tech time-out academic challenge. students who opt in are given a pledge sheet and parents are encouraged to help. >> that's what we say, dinner time is low tech no tech. >> we have been making wine around here for generations and in fact. even before the severalcivil war, but when america went dry in prohibition, the wine industry all but shut down. we're shown how one region just reached a milestone in its long post-prohibition recovery.
11:51 am
>> the livermore valley may live in the wine making shadow of its more famous napa cousin but the vines of its history -- >> hung carrion -- >> stretch back just as far. >> my great grandfather moved to livermore and bought 40 acres in 1883. >> one of the area pchs first wine makers war a german immigrant who founded a winery. as the gold rush threw thousands to california wente and the livermore valley took off. >> it was a booming agricultural area with a lot of orchards and vinniers developing rapidly. >> progress barrels through the valley before 1920 was home to at least 50 wineries. >> these were dug in the 1890s. >> then the prohibition. >> jim's grandfather founded a winery in the valley in 1883 as wineries shut down across the region, he struggled to keep
11:52 am
going. >> no one would loan dad money. most people went broke in those 14 years. i mean people you know literally couldn't do anything. >> both survived prohibition, mostly by selling legal sacramento wine to churches. when prohibition was repealed they were the only livermore wineries still standing. >> that was it two wineries. >> slowly wine makers began to trickle back. >> 10 or 15 reopened after prohibition. >> still it took decades before the region was bustling again. >> i don't call it work. >> now, 2015 -- >> this vine is about a year and a half old. >> will mark a significant milestone in that long rebound. new wine maker jerry b. miller -- >> which in italian means into the earth. >> -- recently opened a new winery in the hills of sunol, marking the first time since before prohibition the livermore valley is once again to 50
11:53 am
wineries. >> we're now back at about the point where livermore was in its peak. >> this used to be one of my garages. >> miller's winery -- >> this year we'll make about 400 cases. >> may be modest in production but big in ambition. >> we'll earn our position as one of the good really fine livermore wine growers. >> soon even more wineries are set to join survivors. >> 132 consecutive years. >> as the folds of the dark chamenter of the drinking history fade into the leaves and vines of this wine making valley. nbc bay area news. >> a lot of history there. >> i'll take that tasting room over the garage any day. we'll be right back.
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11:56 am
we have a kind of speed date that is leaving plenty of people laughing out loud. >> they released this video of a prank that tricks unsuspected men into a blind date with this woman. they believe she's recently perched a new 2015 ford mustang, but she doesn't know how to drive it very well. what they don't know is that she is in fact professional stunt driver. look what happens next. >> i'm going to go and turn around. >> oh, yeah. >> who! >> are you serious right now? >> wrong way.
11:57 am
>> why are we going so fast? >> whoa, whoa! >> what else do you look for in a girl? >> all the guys made it out alive, of course much to their relief, she confesses they were being recorded on hidden cameras and she's not completely nuts. and not a rookie either. >> i think that guy spoke it best when he laughed. >> i don't know if it's funny or not. >> girls would have been like, stop, now. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> more information about everything at we'll see you tomorrow.
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today on "access hollywood live," rhonda is with us first fighter in "sports illustrated" swim suit edition. >> she is strong bubba watson is here his journey in fatherhood. he has a baby girl. >> we remember a highly decorated, unsung journalist as "access hollywood live" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> we're live in five four three, two, one. welcome to "access hollywood live" on a thursday i'm billy bush. >> i'm kit hoover. >> we begin today, you heard by now with veteran cbs correspondent bob simon killed


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